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The world's first Automatic Pool Skimmer

​SkimmerMotion debuted in the Market in 2013. Now

with thousands of units sold, the product proves its performance and customer acceptance. This is a brand new niche in Pool Cleaning market.

How it Works

SkimmerMotion™ connects easily to an automatic pool cleaner, so it moves along your pool surface right above your automatic pool cleaner while collecting all those unwanted objects.

It’s whirlpool action picks up everything from dust particles, pollen and hard to skim bugs to twigs and small leaves cleaning your pool faster for your enjoyment.

You'll be amazed at how clean your pool will look again, over and under!

Moving around your pool for faster results.

SkimmerMotion™ has a total of eight (8) water intakes to cover the most surface. Eliminates floating debris 360° around the Skimmer to obtain faster results.

Moves constantly all around your pool covering the whole surface.

Not having to wait for debris to reach the Skimmer (e.g. Fixed Wall Skimmers).

Eliminates smaller particles floating on the pool surface, for a crystal-clear pool. It’s central whirlpool action sends most of the collected particles to your pool’s filtration system.

A close look at the pool surface.

If we were to take a close look at most pool surfaces, we would see various kinds of bugs, small leaves, twigs and debris floating around. Also, dust particles are in constant contact with the pool’s surface, those particles mix with your pool water or stay floating and will surely not be cleaned by most underwater Automatic Pool Cleaners. All those unwanted particles are in contact with your face, eyes and body while you try to enjoy your pool.

Manual pool skimmers do not trap those very small particles floating on your pool surface.

Now, pool owners across America will enjoy a dust-free pool 24/7.

It’s central whirlpool action sends most of the collected particles to your pool’s filtration system.

Minimum periodic maintenance. No consumables to buy.

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