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Effortless Pool Surface Cleaning with Automatic SkimmerMotion

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The pool skimmer that moves about the pool surface, it is able to clean up to the furthest corners. Unlike wall mounted leaf skimmers.

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SkimmerMotion XTREME is available in Amazon
SkimmerMotion XTREMe is made in USA


How SkimmerMotion XTREME works
Clean the Surface
Always Mobile
Cleaning Waterfall
Click on any of the icons to learn more about the Skimmer Motion
As long as your pump is running, your skimmer will always keep working for you!

The Skimmer stays above your existing automatic pool cleaner and gives you that much needed surface cleaning!
It reaches any corner of your pool.
Moves around the pool
Right above your automatic pool cleaner

dramatically reduces pool cleaning time

Keep the pool surface clean all year long. Your pool is always ready for enjoyment. No more manual Skimming.

Saves you money on chemicals  

Reduces the use of pool flocculants and chemicals clarifiers. Eliminates floating organics matters.

it is sustainable

Not electrically powered. Made with durable recycled materials. Produced in the USA. Recyclable packaging.

collects large leaves

Moves around the pool reaching every corner and collecting leaves, bugs, pollen, dust, grass, hair other  and debris.


Kids used the Skimmer as a basketball hoop?
Local gator chomped it?
Whatever the case...
Get your replacement parts HERE!

Replacement parts for your Skimmer Motion are SOLD HERE on!!
SkimmerMotion XTREME replacement parts



Requires Bottom Vacuum Cleaner

(Not Included)

SkimmerMotion XTREME only works with suction or vacuum pool cleaners only.

Pool Pump

& Filter

Your pool pump must be greater than 1 HP

You will need to have access to your pool pump valves, and you should be able to clean/back-flush the pool filter.

Instructions & Support

SkimmerMotionX comes with easy to follow instructions for installation and usage.

Your local store or pool service company should be able to help with any needs.

We also provide customer support if needed. 

Incompatible with Electrical or Pressure Cleaners

Cannot be connected to electric or pressure cleaners such as Polaris 260, 280 360, 380 | Pentair Pressure Cleaners: Race, Platinum or legend.

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