Questions about SkimmerMotion Connections

February 29, 2016

Since most pools have at least 1 skimmer, is there really a problem in need of a solution?

That why we invented SkimmerMotion, Pools are continuously exposed to dust, bugs, small leaves  and debris that are hard to collect with the manual Skimmer and the wall Skimmer is not very effective at doing it.

Floating debris need to reach the regular WALL Skimmer while SkimmerMotion is continuously moving around the pool for faster results.

Some pools do not have a dedicated suction port, so if they connect a pool cleaner, their wall Skimmer will be useless. With SkimmerMotion you can have both the Bottom Pool Cleaner and the Automatic Skimmer. 


What impact does this product have with the performance of the pool cleaner? 

None, after connecting SkimmerMotion in most of the cases no adjustment is necessary, if required just increasing the vacuum valve ‘a bit” will work.

We also tested SkimmerMotion for 3 years with almost all brands of vacuum cleaners, and they worked just fine.


SkimmerMotion is going to pull water flow away from the cleaner, reducing its performance. 

It was designed to take a fraction of the suction, adjusting the Pump valve ( needed in very few cases) will maintain the same level of performance.


Do you have a valve to control the amount of suction that goes to your device? 

The Device is designed to take the minimum vacuum required to perform, in some cases the pool owner ran the pool cleaner at a very strong pace (lot of suction), the suction power on the SkimmerMotion is controlled by simply Adjusting the basket power setting.


In many cases, you cannot give more water flow to the cleaner line without causing pump cavitation. 

If the customer’s pump has marginal power,  adding a SkimmerMotion will not work, we have had no major complaints about this issue after 3 year in the market.

o   Any additional water flow that you take away from the built in pool skimmer to send to the cleaner will reduce the effectiveness of the pool skimmer.  Pools come with at least 2 valves to control the suction.  SkimmerMotion only needs a fraction of the vacuum power, therefore impact is minimum.

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