SkimmerMotion Connections

August 30, 2015

WARNING: Turn your Pool Pump BEFORE atemting to do any work in your Pool Cleaners.


Disconnect the 1 1/4" hose attached to your Automatic Pool Cleaner.




The T-Joint comes attached to SkimmerMotion corrugated 3/4" hose.

Attach the female side to your T-Joint to your automatic pool cleaner.

Attach the male part of the T-Joint to your Pool Cleaner 1 1/4" hose.

Drop your Automatic Pool cleaner AND SkimmerMotion inside the pool. Move the hose until all burble leaves from the hose.


Put the Blue basket inside SkimmerMotion, check the Pin - Power Setting and align it to the middle hole in the basket (#2).


Near your Pool Pump, there is a valve that control suction power.

Move the valve to slightly Increase the suction power.


Turn on your Pool pump.


If the suction is OK, your automatic pool cleaner should work properly and SkimmerMotion whirlpool should start without making any noise.


If the Automatic pool cleaner is not moving enough, increase suction power.

If SkimmerMotion make noise, reduce suction power OR move basket to #3.


IMPORTANT: Your pool filter should be clean in order to properly provide required suction power to your cleaning system.

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