The Central Crown (Blue Basket) sometimes ends up on its side and the basket falls out

March 5, 2015


This is a very unusual condition, reported by only very few customers.

When conducting the initial SkimmerMotion™ field tests, the Central Crown (Blue Basket) remained inside its position all the time. Nevertheless, some Pool’s have waterfalls, or people jumping into them, etc. We do not recommend using SkimmerMotion™ and/or Automatic Pool cleaner while people are inside the pool. In future upgrades, we’ll consider a way to make the central basket tighter and with a “key” system to select just the 3 pin positions. Some customers have reported they fixed this by adding a rubber grommet onto the “suction power pin” to lock the basket into place. Or by simply adding a small piece of rubber: between the Blue Basket and the acrylic body of the SkimmerMotion™.

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