SkimmerMotion™ is making noise, Trapping Air or Not Leveled

March 5, 2015

The “suction” noise is an indication that air is trapped into a strong whirlpool inside the SM basket.

If air is trapped into the SM basket, it’s a clear sign of either:

-          Wrong power setting adjustment and some noise will be heard.

-          Or, in some situations, the SkimmerMotion™ is not leveled flat on the water surface. Those conditions might impact the performance of your Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC).

In some pools, the suction needed to operate your Automatic Pool Cleaner is high or the pool owner wants to use the APC at a very fast pace and suction power. Some customers have reported that SkimmerMotion™ has been trapping air after various adjustments.

For those specific situations we built the SkimmerMotion™ Ballast. This Ballast will provide additional stability and will solve the “Air Trapped Noise” in most situations.

If your SkimmerMotion™ is continuously making this “suction” noise or trapping air, Contact customer support at

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