How SkimmerMotion Works

March 5, 2015

Skimmer Motion™ cleans the pool surface, removing floating debris, small leaves, white-fly, pollen, dust and other floating objects.

Skimmer Motion™ creates a whirlpool in the center that uses a vacuum to pull water into the skimmer. The device then carries all collected particles and debris from the surface to the pool filter.

Skimmer Motion™ moves around your pool for faster results.


Skimmer Motion™ connects to your existing Automatic pool Cleaner, so it does not require a dedicated suction line.

On pools without dedicated suction line or port, will allow to use the Wall Skimmer for your Automatic Pool cleaner while skimming your pool surface.


SkimmerMotion™ connects easily to your existing underwater automatic pool cleaner, so it moves along your pool surface right above your underwater pool cleaner while collecting all those unwanted objects. Its adjustable whirlpool action picks up everything from dust particles and small bugs to twigs and leaves cleaning your pool faster for your enjoyment. You'll be amazed at how clean your pool will look again, over and under!




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