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Replacement Hose with Ballast- W

Replacement Hose with Ballast- W


SKIMMERMOTION 3/4" White Flexible Hose with Ballast
1 HOSE to Replacement part for SkimmerMotion.

This hose will work with all deep pools, please see instructions.
CLICK here for instructions
Easy to connect
** skimmermotion is sold separately **

  • Details

    ** THIS IS ONLY THE HOSE REPLACEMENT PART, SkimmerMotion is sold separately ******* This a hose to be use with Skimmermotion on a 8ft deep pool. The hose is white 3/4" and connect between the T-Join and the SkimmerMotion. YOU NEED TO BUY SKIMMERMOTION in order to use this adapter.
  • Instructions

    The SkimmerMotion ¾” corrugated hose in this product is a new design, they are 4ft long vs. the 7 ft previous version.

    The 7Ft hose will continue to be supported.

    This NEW DESIGN was tested and proven to be more efficient and eliminates tangle.

    Instead of connecting the Tee-Joint directly to the Suction side Cleaner.

    The NEW 4 ft hose will be connected to a Tee-Joint plugged one For the deepest pool (for example 10ft deep), the tee-joint should be connected 2 hoses apart (8 ft) from the Suction side cleaner. More info support@OnlyABoutInnovation.comhose apart (4 ft)  from the cleaner .