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Gator Autokim Case (4 Units )

Gator Autokim Case (4 Units )

$555.80 Regular Price
$333.48Sale Price

Each case includes:
4 Gator AutoSkim - retail BOX ($83.37/unit)
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  • Details

    case with 4 Gator autoSkim Units (Retail price $138.95 each).
    ** Send us your Sales tax exception and we'll full refund the charged tax.

    Moves about the pool surface it is able to clean up to the furthest corners. Unlike wall mounted leaf skimmers its efficiency is not reliant on wind.

    Eliminate all leaves and debris.Gator float on the pool surface as the water level fluctuates (due evaporation).Avoid Pump burn out due running with no water.

    Gator operates at any water level, in concrete, fiberglass and vinyl pools of any shape.

    Gator Auto-Skim operates with all automatic suction type pool cleaners on the market.


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