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Dealer price SkimmerMotion XTREME - Pool SURFACE CLEANER

Dealer price SkimmerMotion XTREME - Pool SURFACE CLEANER

$124.95 Regular Price
$84.95Sale Price

SkimmerMotion XTREME, is an automatic pool surface cleaner that eliminate all floating debris & leaves clean & clarify your pool surface.
Its moves along with your automatic pool cleaner, eliminating dust, bugs and leaves.

It clean your pool faster for your enjoyment.

It connects to your suction-side cleaner in just minutes.

It cleans and recycles the pool surface 6 Times More than your standard pool pump.

It’s got a bigger internal “basket” design that helps keep debris more secure.

And it’s Eco-Friendly / Made with recycled materials.Use long-lasting materials.

Easy to install
SkimmerMotion XTREME continuously recycle the pool surface water to the filtration system, clarifying your water. In few days you will see your pool more crystalline.

It comes with the adapters for all brands of Suction Side Cleaners (including Zodiac Twisted lock MX8, MX6, etc)

Attaches to your existing Pool cleaner.
Easy to install.

  • Details

    Keeps your pool surface clean all year round and it's always ready to enjoy.

    The moving WATERFALL that eliminates leaves, bugs, dust, pollen, dog hair, and all debris from the pool surface.
    Its continuous action focused on the surface, eliminates de debris before it mixes with the water, clarifying the pool.

    SkimmerMotion XTREME moves along your suction side cleaner to reach every corner of your pool.


    Smaller debris goes directly to the pool's filtration system.

    Installs in minutes.

    Just insert the provided Tee-Joint between the suction side cleaner hose, adjust the suction valve and enjoy a clean pool all year round.

    It comes with a hose and connectors necessary to attach it to all suction-side cleaners.

    We care about the environment as much as you do. That's why we decided to make the new SkimmerMotion XTREME, with recycled materials and comes in 100% recyclable packaging. We're also making it here in the USA, to reduce our CO2 emissions and energy from transportation.
    It reduces the need for chemicals and uses no batteries or electricity.

    We choose our injection partner 20 miles from our warehouse.
     Just compare the CO2 emissions saving transporting the parts of our products from 20  miles vs. over 8.000 miles from China or any other place.


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