Automatic pool surface cleaner



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Best product of the Year - Orlando Pool Show 2013

Best Automatic Pool Cleaner in the Market - Pool Advisors 2018


SkimmerMotion comes with easy to follow instructions and an IN CASE OF TROUBLE GUIDE. In order to assure appropriate performance please check this BEFORE BUYING.


  • Requires bottom vacuum cleaner (NOT INCLUDED).

  • Pool Pump Greater than 1 HP

  • SkimmerMotion is designed to eliminate suspended particles and debris smaller s than 0.8”, a continuous surface cleaning effect will clarify your pool in few hours.

  • Will work with most Vacuum or suction cleaners with 1 1/4" hose.

  • Leaves bigger than 0.8” will need to be recovered by the manual or wall Skimmer.

  • You will need to have access to your pool pump valves.

  • Clean / Back-flush the Pool Filter.

  • We provide customer support, you can also contact your pool Service person or your local pool Store.

  • SkimmerMotion only works with suction or vacuum pool cleaners and cannot be connected to electric or to pressure pool cleaners such as Polaris 260, 280 360 or 380, Pentair Pressure cleaners: RACER, PLATINUM or LEGEND.